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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing, The promotion of our services/products via digital media. It may be free or paid. In digital marketing, we can promote our services/ products from one place in online, no need to go to location where we want to sale. It is effortless compare with traditional marketing. We reach our targeted customers by using demographics, interest, location and context based targeting methods in online. Here we can analyze our sales and Returns on Investment that’s why digital marketing called as Data- Driven Technology. Sapio solutions is one of the top digital marketing services company in South Africa at affordable price. We offer 4 digital marketing major modules

Modules We Offered

arrow Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

arrow  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

arrow Social Media Optimization (SMO)

arrow Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here we optimize our website as per the rules and regulations of the search engine and Promote our website in other websites by submitting the back links. We offer professional SEO Services at affordable price.

arrow  On page optimization

arrow   Off page optimization

arrow  Local business listings

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We can promote company products/services instantly by running paid campaigns in the search engines. Improve Branding, business and profits through search engine marketing. By using SEM we expect huge returns on our investments. We Provide SEM services like Google AdWords and Bing Ads

Google AdWords modules

arrow  Search Network

arrow  Display Network

arrow  Shopping campaigns / Product list Ads

arrow  Video campaigns

arrow  Universal App campaigns

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media is nothing but connecting the people in online. By using social media we can promote our services/products for the people who are using social media. We offer Social media optimization Services like

arrow  Facebook

arrow  Twitter

arrow  Google plus

arrow  LinkedIn

arrow  Instagram

arrow  Pinterest

arrow  Tumlber

arrow  Stumble upon etc.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We Can promote products by investing the money in the social media. Improve Branding, business and profits through social media marketing. We offer Social Media Marketing services like

arrow  Facebook Marketing

arrow  Twitter Marketing

arrow  Linkedin Marketing

Digital Marketing