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About Swac

SWAC is an easy to use mobile/ tablet based field staff reporting solution to address the problems faced by companies in getting updated real time data reports from field staff employees.

SWAC enables companies and businesses to automatically schedule, monitor and manage field service employees in realtime, thereby dramatically reducing field service costs while delivering superior customer service.

SWAC app is an ideal tool for connecting field employees to the organization. Using SWAC, Field staff can update accurate information anywhere from the field at anytime and managers can monitor real time field related work reports from the application dashboard for further analysis.

Features you love

  • arrow Keep better track of Sales & Leads
  • arrow Keep better track of Sales & Leads
  • arrow Optimized work force productivity
  • arrow Secured data storage
  • arrow Automatic calculation of fuel allowances
  • arrow On-time Task assignment
  • arrow Locate employee location on map
  • arrow Journey / Distance calculation
  • arrow Easy calculation of working hours
  • arrow Knowing the geographical reach of products & clients
  • arrow Automatic conveyance settlement
  • arrow Improved employee productivity
  • arrow Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • arrow Maximize revenue while improving loyalty
  • arrow Improve workforce efficiency

Improve the Efficiency and Quality of Your Field Service Operations...

Advantages & Benefits

  • arrow Streamline business processes
  • arrow Gather real-time information from the field
  • arrow Reduce cost and improve revenue
  • arrow Improve productivity throughout your business
  • arrow Get access to critical real time field information
  • arrow Reach your client - anytime anywhere
  • arrow Increased customer satisfaction
  • arrow Raise employee morale

Industries we serve

“No matter what industry you operate in…”

SWAC is developed to address all the facets of Service Lifecycle Management. From large to medium and small scale businesses, SWAC is tailored with industry experts to address the specific challenges and needs of your business ensuring that the service operations run smoothly and efficiently. Across a wide range of Industry verticals, SWAC is the solution of choice to leverage your existing infrastructure to streamline business processes, and gain positive impact to your organization.


Create an unprecedented value for field operations

While SWAC does everything you need when it comes to scheduling your field staff, SWAC PRO offers advanced features like productivity, analyzing of collected data, customer satisfaction and on-time support for enhanced connectivity between managers and field staff that is smarter than before.

SWAC helps you leverage real time information from the field to get the best insights into your business operations and customer satisfaction.

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