Super Secure

Super Secure

Ever wondered how these kind of incidents could be prevented?

Smart & timely security alerts could help in taking preventive measures to save precious human lives and protect valuable assets.


Crime Incidents

500+ Million CCTV Cameras are in use world-wide and growing at 14.7% CAGR

Crime rate is on the rise globally!

No smart detection!

CCTV video recoding is mostly used for post-incident investigation purposes, but not able to prevent!

Our Solution – SuperSecure

We developed “SuperSecure” a computer vision platform using advanced Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning technologies to detect specific objects with high accuracy levels

We add intelligence to CCTV systems to Analyze. Enhance. Detect. Alert. Prevent

Potential threat detection and instant alerts by our proprietary algorithms

SuperSecure Add-On Features

Regular CCTV Systems vs SuperSecure